Friday, April 22, 2011

i could go for a slice of cake right now

alright! so i am finally done with sandra
ive been a bit busy lately and havent had the same amount of time to whip something up :( but i have put effort into it last night and this morning to finish it up!
i definitly struggled at times with this one. rage quitting. closing files without saving.
i have a few saved files of tests and experiments... as i just got CS5 and i am trying to get my head around some of the new bits and bobs that come with it.
it all looks so simple back then... 

around the time of rage quitting "why is there a rotten egg behind her head"
testing out textures, love my sunglasses ;)
the final result
it was a toughie, but - gave some valuable lessons.
which is what this experiment is all about after all!!
now, to go enjoy this fantastic sunshine with my sister, richard, and liam - and maybe see if that cake cafe is open...yum yum yum

1 comment:

  1. They all look really amazing :D I'm glad you got to learn new stuff and you well and truly deserve a whole cake :D
    Have a great Easter with your sister, and lets hope we get this sort of weather all weekend! :D x