Monday, April 18, 2011

freckle colonies and obsessive feathers

so, i have been doing some fun faces for people lately.
today, i had planned on doing the same but things sortve took a different turn.
Originally i thought id make a portrait of amy fries - because there was this one photo of her i liked the colors of and it inspired a whole picture in my head...dark blues, blacks, whites, greys...
however, she was smashing her mouth with her hand and i just could work around it and make it look right.
so! whos the best and most available model around?? but ofc me! :P
i took the pose i was looking for and began work

mmhm, a decent first sketch but it there was alot more too it i wanted to do... however impatience took over and i started the basic colors

always an odd and interesting phase. but i decided to be a bit more ambitious and go for the look i was thinking of...

thats more like it, corsets and feathers.. were onto a winner!

i have been spending most of my afternoon now coloring and shading and have no gotten stuck on the big feather coming off her head and for a bit of peace and a break from my brain working in overdrive (as it does during projects like this) i decided to stop. but not before taking a sneaky print screen of at least her face where i am just touching the surface of all the work thats now upon me...

dont you just love paint tool sai?
those feathers are sure driving me crazy and ive only just begun the third one O_O
how am i ever going to survive the bottom of her... (slash me i guess, since it is my face and body) ill never know.

Best Part of the Project:
Richard - " Why the F*ck to you always make your drawings necks like an ostrich?!?
Me - "Actually... thats an exact copy of my neck..."
Richard - " it is......"

never felt so pretty :D

three cheers for girls with ostrich necks!!


  1. Again, the eyes are the best part of it. But, since honest feedback has been requested, I think the shading is too soft and fairytalish.
    And it's true there is something about that neck, some lines on there make it look strangely twisted.

  2. is that why the ostrich feathers? i like that dress quite a bit !

    and the last image of the shading in the face & lipstick, etc. add tremendously.

    maybe a bracelete?

  3. haha i didnt even think of that orly - perhaps they should be ostrich feathers, good metamorphsis from a dove hmm ;)

    and to you both - yeah i am doing all the shading in stages. i am going by a tutorial a read the other day i really liked, do the basic under shading, fade all the outlines to the bare minimum, then start with the heavy details

    ill have to think about a bracelet...what did you have in mind??