Tuesday, April 12, 2011

oh lady dead master -

how i do love your hair ^^ so spending the last few warm balmy evenings painting this young lady have been really fun. ive really enjoyed working on her hair, and have been experiementing with my silver metallic paint for her hands (a bit hard to see at the angle i took the picture from but im sure itll come out more later.
ill be extending her sleeve to cover her wrist more...contemplating eyebrows...filling in her floating skulls with color and ugh...the checker board floor. i am in NO way looking forward to that.
if you of you have pro tips on how to go about making that floor look like the dirty scarred thing its supposed to, please tell me now!

oh shoot, and her horns, almost forgot about those.

its been a long weekend (monday was included in that) we went to the circus, to the plant school and got a new maple for the garden and checked out their wisteras. id love to take photos but all that warm balmy weather i spoke about has now turned to rain.
gimme another 3 or so days and i should be done with the section of the painting above
but whos next??
strength or black gold saw

need opinions.

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