Sunday, April 10, 2011

drum roll please!

wa ha! i completed my chibi ciwi project :P after painting the chibi for dharma i just had to try it out on the computer - and here it is from sketch to a majorly face lifted completed picture:

I hope she likes it! It was alot of fun to make - i started the sketch in photoshop, then moved it to SAI and then back to photoshop for finishing bits and bobs.
So, one week after getting my wacom board and i finally finished something, woot!

today was beautifull sunny so we had a bbq, and played/worked quite a bit in the garden. the weather gods listened to me for once!! it was a big rejuvenator, and i only wish it could continue a bit longer...or come back around for easter weekend when my sister might be coming up from Paris :O

gotta love liams infinite cheesey smile
now onto that canvas painting and a bit of relaxtion. no children are awake, can you believe how quiet it is ?!


  1. can't wait to see your progression with your new wacom toy!!

  2. yup :P its a big learning experience, but i cant wait for you to try it out as well sooooon! *fingers crossed*