Thursday, April 14, 2011

"she gonna teach me how to swim"

so! its official Alex is coming to Sweden once again next week!
Auntie Noona and Liam - November 2010
And maybe, just maybe we will have some nice sunny warm weather for her arrival :) Liam is especially looking forward to his auntie coming by.
Though really I am feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the moment because I learned today I have to be back in england, pretty much the day after she leaves O_O
really not feeling too content with that.
the last thing I really want is to get on an airplane and go back to the UK and even worse, into London.
Even WORSE is Ill be all alone, and so so nervous *cry* I really need to start planning......

but some good things beyond that *positive* but stressful stuff - my new summer dress arrives today!
it was originally intended to be worn to Alexs wedding this summer but its so beautiful I might just have to wear it all. the. time. yes, i believe i must.

I dont have very many...or any for that matter - long dresses like that. but well see how it fits me tonight :O
now all i need is for the sun to come back so I can really show it off!!

And lastly we did our first house project - painting the walls in the stairway white and the banisters a shiney black.  it looks sooo much better and really freshens up the place. Next on my list of interior design wonders: wall paper! but more about that later :P......

omg england in 2 weeks *cry*


  1. :O I have that dress to, its just so amazingly gorgeous :D

  2. hahah - i can imagine we have very similar tastes. we can play dress up sometime soon im sure :P (i say in a very non creepy way i assure you)

  3. Haha, I must say it sounded a bit strange. Im sure I have a pippi longstocking wig here somewhere :P