Sunday, April 3, 2011

"like two strangers, turning into dust"

today, as we had all 3 kids of ours here, we ventured out to the forest around Svaneholm castle.
It was brilliantly foggy, the sort that gets caught up in your lungs and nose and makes your hair puff out all over the place.
It was a nice change of pace, a long slow climb in and out of old woods. I know its some place Id like venture along for a while, maybe with some charcoals and a proper sketch pad, skribbling down all thats around me.
However, I did have Richards iphone handy. so i did take a few (alot) of photos...

Yesterday i continued playing around with photoshop and the wacom tablet. I started a new black rock shooter picture, and got onto the skin first thing so I could practice a bit. I was on the phone with my mom at the time so it wasnt meticulous but with a few opacity changes and a nice filter i think it turned out not so bad for my first attempt.

You gotta love how SHAKEY my outlines are LOL. I cant draw smooth lines in real life either so go figure. I know there are ways around this, I just havent quite bothered yet. (bad bad)
I could fool around with that for ages, the bikini, belt, shoes, jacket, background, the list goes on and on and the jobs stack up. But i have yet to follow my word and actually look at tutorials lol, and you know one thing that will happen. You do things one way the first time and continue on for a little while and you just get stuck in bad uneducated habits.
I think tomorrow, if work with Japan isnt too grueling, I can spend my "lunch hour" doing a bit of that.

I am waiting for proper spring weather, the japanese garden to blossom outside, my first paycheck for this job, a completed photoshop drawing... I hope my impatience wont get in the way and I keep on being as productive as I have been.
Updates on that picture above, and more soon I hope!

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