Saturday, April 2, 2011

a drawing tablet, sketches, and burned fingers

Last night, i took it out of its black pretty box and breathed a sigh of pure joy ^^
I had spent the afternoon sketching small little black rock shooter pictures to get a real feel of the character for the traditional painting. and thought hey! i can do that on this tablet :P
I started out in Corel Painter, a program I had never really used before - just because we all like to try new things and got SO frustrated after the initial sketch i went back to my roots with adobe photoshop..

Then there were layers, and teeny pens, and not knowing what i wanted to map my keys out to be, and on and on and on... i am still getting to grips with it all.
i am no expert, and theres alot more i need to watch about it, but i was happy with the hair so far and such. havent even begun to work on the skin, and the jacket. yikes!

but no time for it now - we have 4 kids over here today!!! and little bitty hands around the drawing board is a big no no...
but really i shouldnt get stuck on one picture, ill watch some tutorials, make a factory of small simple bits and see where we come out at the end.

so far, having a blast though no doubt :)

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