Monday, April 4, 2011

hm, when to start with SAI, when to stop...

to start off with i sketched a quick drawing in SAI, i like that program alot, but i havent figured out how to configure it with my board and pen so it can be a bit slow. but simple and effective.

then i attempted to add a better "smoother" outline on another layer. i am still pretty crappy at making my lines neat, but im working at it. moving the line work to Photoshop started to make things a bit screwy (turned my background grey ?!? lol) but then i started on the skin...

despite the ashy grey undertone i worked out some fairly simple colors using a base layer and a clipping layer on top for shading.

then i did the same thing more or less with the hair. thats about as far as i got with this project/experiment - its all still a wee bit shakey and i always manage to mess up layers but! its huge progress!
I am really enjoying SAI, the brushes are really nice and predictable and the blending brush is in my opinion alot better. they have alot of neat textured painting brushes which ill try out soon.

other than that a nice sunny day in sweden! lets hope it continues and spring is here to stay :D

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