Sunday, April 24, 2011

Konstrundan - Skurup

so in Sweden during Easter there is something called Konstrundan (meaning like Art Round) where you walk around and view paintings. We went to Svaneholm to the castle there just to take a nice little peak at the exhibition going on and we got a Wonderful surprise!!
Upstairs was the talented and famous fantasy art painter Ed Beard!
Hes done work for World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, you name it... he was sitting there painting and we just into a very long discussion about digital art vs. traditional, what the professional market is like at the moment, how he creates certain parts of his was fantastic.
Of all places he was in little tiny Skurup and he asked me to send him some of my work so we could discuss it.
Its moments like those you see grand opportunities thrown right in your face and I am sure as hell jumping right on board!!

theres Richard, me and Ed surrounded by his paintings and his current work on his easel.
I will let you all know what comes out of it - you have no idea how over the moon i am ^^
To check out Ed's amazing acrylic fantasy paintings on his website:

oh and Happy Easter!!!