Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i was thinking "snowy sunday..." or should it be "sundae" hmm

oo my neck is all creaky from hunching in this chair. i havent been working on the project below as much as i maybe should, but at the same time it seems like for every new bit i add to it the more problems i create and the more work there is to do
look at that crazy mess! i had alot of issues with the eye, and then because of that, the skin around the eye. i hate hate painting in photoshop at this point and wish i had stuck with SAI awhile longer. but i got caught up in small tutorials that were based in photoshop and well... there you go. i am trying.

i still havent begun my black rock shooter yet. richard was sweet enough to draw the cartoon boxes and technically i couldve just gotten on that a long time ago, but the wacom is addictive and my free time is spent yelling at blur tools that dont seem to so a damn thing.

i am really ready to just stretch out on the couch and get away from all things art related :P but then again ill probably just watch an anime movie and think about all the NEW projects i could practive with.
naughty naughty.

anyone else craving a cup of tea?

note to self: fix her eyebrow


  1. Like the eye. Once can see that that's where a lot of your effort went into. Also for some reason the little color play on the right has this bokeh thing going, which looks neat.

  2. lol thats there just so i dont lose the original colors i used :P well see when i actually make a completed digital art piece. i get too frustrated with it atm hehe and thanks for the comment on the eye!!

  3. Keep the bokehs in some form. They fit well!