Wednesday, April 6, 2011

back to the easel!

today i began sketch work on my black rock shooter compliation. i had 3 other characters i needed to sort out and figure how i was going to fit them into the boxes on the large canvas.
the sketching was a bit fun and i really liked how i designed dead master in the end - here are the initial sketchwork

alot of rough work, and proportions to the boxes on the canvas. i only started with the dead master since i was so happy with the positioning, and it drove me CRAZY trying to translate it so big.
its kindve out of whack but heres a photo of the beginning of the sketch on canvas

so! tomorrow ill finish that up a bit neater and get to work on the other ones.
i got a bit side tracked today as i was painting a chibi anime for dharmas birthday which is coming up this monday. shell be here friday so ill finish that up tomorrow and post pictures!

i am absolutely knackered today and cant wait to crash (snooooooooze..............)
so off i go... :)

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