Friday, April 8, 2011

i need some george winston and a glass of wine

o-m-g this wind.
I thought yesterday was bad. until i had to go post a letter this afternoon and had to use every muscle to move myself forward and keep liam from being blown away into oblivion.
its one of those times you just want to yell AGGH I CANT BE BOTHERED -_- defeated face.

however its not all bad right? yesterday i got some lovely new brushes for my painting. a few large ones as theres alot of area to cover believe me, and a few small ones as mine has just been decimated by all the work done by them since november.
sad- i need to take better care of my brushes. and i need a proper place to store them! i cant tell you how many times ive seen the kids smashing them while theyre playing upstairs *cry*

oh and some metallic paints too! those should be great for the weapons in the picture.
i havent worked on the canvas at ALL today. but yesterday i really battled it out with dead master and finished the basic sketch of how shell be. it was a war :P and believe me you can see itnot only is there a layer of pencil all over the canvas, i had it on the entirety of my hands, my cheek, my nose, my eye.......the list goes on.

now - tonight pizza! no cooking. wine. relaxation. maybe drawing strength.
and please PLEASE
no more wind

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