Thursday, April 7, 2011

a chibi, a birthday, a mowgli cat

Its done! Thank you to for the design - this little picture will be all ready and set for Dharma's 6th birthday tomorrow!! Not varnished yet, but its a 8 x 10 inch canvas board, done in acrylic with marker for the thicker outlines. Its adorable - and makes me think I should do a childrens line of chibis like Liam with the kitties...

speaking of kitties... Mowglis back! After spending nearly a week in the basement due to an injury he is now allowed back into the rest of the house :) It did him some amazing good, he walks, moves, everything normal again. you'd never know he hurt himself! Mowgli is our 9 month old maine coon btw.

you can see how thrilled he is to be back in the care of a 3 year old lol!!
Today, now that the chibi is done I will really try and push the black rock shooter but im not making any guarantees of awesomeness considering how frustrating getting just the face of dead master on the canvas was

otherwise, i heard rumors some people would want their own childrens designs and paintings done up for them. which makes me think i SHOULD spend some time designing my own chibi anime today on the wacom. that sounds like fun ... i think ill need another coffee.
and seriously, where is the sun??
sweden needs to shape up me thinks...

till later!

update: look at the lovely new dress richard got me!! love love


  1. That is adorable! Not just the painting but Liam and Mowgli and that dress! Where did you/he get it? :D
    And the weather is nasty right now.. I hope we get one of those extreme summers, 30 degrees and sun all summer :P

  2. its from h&m and i think its on sale for like 140 kr at the moment :P its really really nice
    the weather is HORRIBLE - we have class 2 winds down here at the coast. i just got in and was blown to pieces.
    no more snow for you i hope though ;)