Tuesday, May 3, 2011

scene from a dream

i have been waking up these past few mornings chalk full of ideas for paintings and pictures.
however as ive learned its harder to act on these impulses than what i first imagine :P

the other night i had quite a dream.
there was a swan who lived in a tawny forest who fell in love with a man. he was going to leave her so she trapped him in an egg then wrapped layers upon layers of tawny hair around it in the shape of a heart, then came down to earth as a girl and held the egg close to her.

i woke up thinking it would make such a beautiful picture
and that beautiful picture has turned into my waking nightmare :P
i am no where near done but i can show you some of the progress ive made
it was a very "well its something like this" sketch"
you can see i was in a rush to get everything done :P my doom
while i started coloring all the hair... i hated the face
so once in photoshop i have probably remade it 3 or 4 times now...
If anyone is skilled in poetry and would like to write a poem in regards to the dream to put on the picture thatd be awesome! send it my way - id really love to see what sortve text i could put on there ^^

The concept of the picture was always nice
but my speedy drawings and work always tend to come back at me... making it more of an effort than i had originally thought.

but ill let you know how i get on.
i also have 2 acrylic paintings lying around, and an another dream painting i thought of...
in my dream i was painting for Emmy - a little japanese girl cheering and flying over a suburb street holding a cat LOL

lets see when i can make that a reality :P

p.s. and i finally found all my new brushes for photoshop! whoa! just take a look at the tiny sample i created :O


  1. aww gorgeous!

    Haha, your comments made me giggle :P

    I know! Im going to the cinema in Gothenburg for a VIP thingy of the Fast and Furious 5 with a friend on Saturday eve.
    Where do you stay when you're here, at his sister? And where does she live? As in which part of Skövde :P I might get home before you leave!

    And I'm gonna keep every weekend in the end of June/beginning of July open now..!
    Might come down and steal your tree when I'm done with my exams end of this month. I want to see Liam too! When I see him, should I speak english or swedish to him? :P

    Anyhow, thats all the questions I could think of right now. I feel like I've been on a sugar rush all day :D xx

  2. haha fast and the furious 5.. i cant believe theres been so many :O

    yes we are staying at his sisters who lives in the skultorp area.
    and yeah just send me a message for when you get back well see ^^

    hehe yes ill tell the tree to keep its flowers awaiting your camera :P
    liam will be with his dad until the end of july so unfortuantly youd miss him in that case but as a general rule you can speak english to him, with baby bits of swedish.

    hope you havent crashed off your sugar rush *giggles*

  3. I live in Skultorp! :P That is crazy!

    That is very nice, I hope you dont get the snow we just had down there..

    Away for so long? :O

    Still no crashing! And is that phone number yours or richards? Just so I know which language to speak when calling it next :P I do guess I'd be able to tell by the voice.. unless he has a very feminine voice. :P

    I'm gonna stop yabbering now :P xx

  4. stop it! youre creeping me out!
    i cant believe you live there too :P
    she lives on källbäcksvägen small area above niklas motor... if your neighbors ill pass out from shock hahah

    we didnt have snow but we had aloot of hail, which is a bit nastier in my opinion. which is why i stayed in doors today and was glued to my pc drawing

    yes its Liams fathers turn to have him now - it was really really hard for me when i came back without him... but i am cheering up and spending my time wisely doing more artwork which is for the best. weve decided now hell be staying with me permenanly from july on so YAY! happy me ^^

    you can call mine to... but it has no money on it. ill fix that soon so i can text you and what not. but yeah. youll know its richard and speak whatever you feel like, richards fluent in both

    will pay for more phone credit! and remember what my number is! soon!

  5. :O OMG.. No I don't live up there, but I know where it is :P I live down on Ringduvevägen, by Loringa, Richard will know where it is! :P

    Aww we had that yesterday, I just hope the weather is sort of nice, I'm going out for a walk in the woods with my dear Biology class :)

    I can understand that! Its good that the summers just fly past and he'll be back for good soon :D He will have to learn lots of swedish then. Speaking of which, hows your swedish coming along? ;)

    Aah, well you know my number when you remember your number :P

    Are you coming up on the Friday or Saturday then? xx