Friday, April 1, 2011

ghost in the

ITS DONE! My ghost in the shell compilation made for Jim was finally done last night. We used just about half the can of varnish to get it all shiney and perfect and today wrapped it up and off it went.
Its kindve sad in a way to see it go.. you hang and hover over a canvas so long it becomes your art baby - but hopefully Jim likes it and itll look great in his flat :)

This is last night in the basement varnishing, just to show you how i went over the sides with the wire lines as requested :)

Now that that is complete I have a MASSIVE canvas waiting for me here on my easel. Richard and I got all excited about what we'd like to put on there as itll be a personal project for our home. I concluded I'd really love to do a comic book style out lay of Black Rock Shooter characters on there :D
So now the sketching and researching must begin. Ill be able to put alot more personal creativity into this piece, and yes itll most likely take me months :P
But who cares! Its going to be amazing. amazing.

Otherwise today is a very rainy very blah day. I have some work to do for the charity in Japan I am working for atm (links and such will come on here later!) And also prep for my Wacom to arriiivvveee today!!!!!! Be prepared for alot of hideously awesome creations coming your way!

And to round things of - a final picture of Ghost In The Shell, compliments of Jim who had a better camera than me :D

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