Sunday, April 17, 2011

one more face learnt and stored

today was susies turn!! i instantly thought of dusty pinks for her, and even got overly ambitious with some roses.
who knew roses could be so complicated!! i couldve spent just as much time on the damn rose as her entire it may be a bit dodgy but the general feel of it is what i wanted.

here i took some stage by stage photos of her picture:
just a simple sketch, getting some ideas in the meantime

adding basic colors next to get a feel for things

then the long process of shading and highlighting every color layer

this is the picture done in SAI, sorry didnt take more of the rose in process

then moved into photoshop for a background color and lens flare filter and wa la!

 And thats that! I am really happy with this one it makes me very happy ^^
now to put it on deviantart and pat myself on the back for a job well done ;)


  1. u know i LOOOOOVE it! ^^
    and also, you're mastering this new technique so fast!love the roses :)

  2. thanks!! youre hair was definitly the most fun out of everything ^^ i am sooo thrilled you love it *does a happy dance*