Sunday, June 10, 2012

The painting mill keeps on turning

digital sketch of the crow girl done the other night
Just a quick post about my new project ^^
I am painting a crow inspired painting, lots of smoke and feathers :)
I didnt use just one model this time around, its a real mash up and work around of multiple people, an idea we've been chewing on for quite some time now.

There will be a lace veil over her eyes, and a symbolic meaning of "When silenced, it is time act."
At least thats how I have always felt and envisioned this painting to come across...

art therapy! feels gooood.
I had a bit of fun too with the background :P
We let paint drip, splattered it on everywhere without much of a care. Its possible only a tiny bit may show in the end, with what I have thought out for it, but its something I never do with my paintings, and it was fun to let loose!

my art studio, complete with artists prints and originals I admire
I cleaned up my art studio a bit today and posted this pic on facebook. I got frames at ikea for my little collection of art prints, minus two which I still need to sort out!
It's a truly inspirational corner I must say!

the crow girls face, work in progress shot
This evening, I spent some secluded time working on her face. It started off WAY wrong. As per usual. But I think its all shaping up nicely now. She's got a bit of that spark of life happening in her I just need begin the tedious work on her skin and let the magic take place ;)

Hope everyones had a wonderful weekend! :D

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  1. wonderful to see your workspace, lovely prints all framed and your fab new piece!