Thursday, June 21, 2012

"The Messenger" acrylic on masonite board 40 x 60 cm by Christina Lank
So she is complete! The Messenger is a rather dark painting once again of a green eyed lady with crows coming out of smoke around her. The original concept was meant to be off the sentence "When silenced, it is time to act."
I had this thought of women suppressed, coming out to speak and the woman who would speak for them. Crows have long been a symbol of bad tidings, and also symbolize misjudgement in that regard.
close up detail of The Messengers face
shot of the painting outside
So however dark and smokey and perhaps not fully formed our thoughts may be, they come into action through the crows.

I have some more work in progress shots for you to take a look at since the last time I posted so you can see the painting in more various stages :)

after a few redos on her face, and even an eye color change things started shaping up

I worked on the whole body as if it was to be naked, just because i didnt know how much would be covered in the end.

when the feather collar came on, i was really happy as it added the drama i wanted!

with the hair and the crows going on it really started becoming the painting i had wanted!
The Messenger complete!
Then with lots of smoke, and a bit of red, even on the wings which is unfortunately something so light and tinted its difficult to see in a picture....she was complete!

I hope you like this new rather dark painting I have made :) I really look forward to debuting her at the show in September :O!
For now there are archival prints available on my Etsy shop ^^ -

Have a good weekend everyone, and happy midsummer to all the Swedish folk out there :D


  1. She is awesome! I like the black birds!
    I think she is very different from your past female portraits, she is so dark and dramatic!

    1. thanks marianne!
      yeah its always good to mix things up sometimes i suppose :P weve all got multiple sides to us ;)
      hope youre having a sunnier midsummer day then we are! xx

  2. incredible, such depth, mystery and beauty to this piece.
    always a treat to see the images of it unfolding. thank you!

  3. *____________*
    She is soooooo beautiful. <3