Saturday, January 28, 2012

Show Me Your Stuff Saturdays! #1

The Saturday Feature has arrived! I picked 7 talented artists that I know and am featuring them here with some of their new and favorite pieces!
Sharing is caring! And art is definitely best shared ^^

"Komodo Sun" - wire crochet pendant with leopard skin jasper and agate made by Cat's Wire
This beautiful necklace has been hand crafted by the wonderful Cat from Cat's Wire. Not only does Cat never fail to make me laugh but she also never ceases to amaze me with her intricate jewerly creations. This necklace is for sale for $29 here: Komodo Sun pendant on

"Descent of Ishtar" mixed media painting 5 x 3 ft. by Michelle Izzard
Michelle has known this painting from the very beginning, and I havent stopped talking about it since :P Its a massive oil/acrylic painting displaying the story of Ishtar and her decent into the Underworld. This is a fascinating piece, with the story of Ishtar printed all over the canvas, and textures created from cracked eggshells (shes smart that michelle!!) for a truly beautiful piece. Love it!! You can see more from Michelle on her blog here:

"Pink Ribbon Mermaid" breast cancer support digital painting by Mitzi Sato-Wiuff
Do you like an effortless gorgeous piece of art, with a wonderful purpose behind it? Look no further because the amazingly talented Mitzi Sato-Wiuff has created this lovely undersea painting for a breast cancer research event called, "Taking Back PSP" being held on March 23rd of this year!!
Mitzi will be selling this as a "tube" available for your use and the proceeds go to breast cancer research. You cant get a better win-win than that! Please check out the event on Mitzis blog and help support a truly worthwhile cause: Taking Back PSP with Mitzi Sato-Wiuff

"Thallo" goddess of spring buds. 5x7in Watercolor, Acrylic and colored pencil by Kristin Palmer
I met Kristin through Twitter actually, and found out shes also a member of the Enchanted Visions Project - painting beautiful fantasy pictures with many different mediums as seen above! But her work doesnt just stop at painting lovely fairies and ghostly creations, she also makes custom jewerly and sculptures! Talk about an all in one fantasty artist! This painting, amongst others are for sale so go check out her gallery and get immersed in the fairy tale! :D

"Snail Mail" made with ProSculpt and Premo clays by ColtPixy
ColtPixy has to make some of the cutest and most imaginative little sculptures there are :P This is one of her latest works made with Prosculpt and Premo clays showing a little snail mail man delivering love notes! Perfect for Valentines day!! She is a lovely friendly artist who doesnt just stop at snails, but makes all creatures of nature - including Owls (whoa one of my favorite things!!) all available on her Etsy shop! Want something one of a kind and bound to make you smile? Check it out ^^: ColtPixy on Etsy

"Lake of Silent Souls" acrylic on canvas by Johanna Schramm
Johanna (or lovingly referred to as Ciwi) is one of my greatest art buddies. We are constantly blabbering with one another about art, painting, and we are eternally each others personal cheerleaders :P So its so surprise that I HAD to show you this gorgeous new painting she made this past week. It all started from Sketchfest actually! Where she drew a nymph in a lake...which turned into something much darker and deeper for her. "Lake of Silent Souls" is sure to be only one of beautiful paintings this young lady will come up with! Shes just about the nicest person youll ever meet so be her cheerleader too and you wont regret it :D! You can find her on deviantart here:

"Silver Fae Ear Cuff" made with white fresh water pearls, green Swarovski crystals, and leaves of glass by Sasha Fitzgerald
If you couldnt tell, I have thing about fantasy handi-crafts and art! Sasha Fitzgerald is an artist and a jewerly maker and its easy to fall in love with such beautiful and delicate designs such as this ear cuff! This is perfect for a special occassion filled with a bit of mysticism! I highly recommend you check out her paintings and her jewerly, as shes always coming up with new and wonderful ideas! You can find her on etsy here: NeckLine Designz by Sasha Fitzgerald on Etsy

Thats all for this week folks! Thanks for stopping by and checking out all the great artists and their current works ^^ This will be a weekly feature so if you want your latest piece up here next week just gimme a shout! Hope you enjoyed the art and crafts! :D


  1. So many wonderful artists! I am honored to be included.
    I do not sculpt with Super Sculpey. I only use it to make tools with. I sculpt with ProSculpt and Premo clays. =)

  2. changed! hehe sorry my last minute investigation skills can be a little wonky :P
    thanks for the correction, tell me if youd like me to add anything else ^^

  3. What a beautiful mix of items. I'm honored to be included and can't wait to see more of lovely "stuff"!

  4. youre more than welcome cat haha
    i always think of that saying "show me your stuff, show me what you got!!" in a sortve taunting way :P
    perhaps i was trying to be ironic...well never know.
    be sure to send me your new creations for this upcoming saturday ^^

  5. What a wonderful collection of artsy items! Thanks for including mine among them, I'm honoured! <3

  6. Its a beautiful piece of jewerly, its my pleasure :D *hugs*