Sunday, January 29, 2012

Continuous Work on Swan Girl Continues!

Its been a pretty productive weekend I think! Ive gotten some good work done on Swan Girl, which looks more or less like this now:
"Swan Girl" continues! Shes got some huge boobs *cough* and after 1 breast reduction surgery another one may be needed lool :P
Ive put alot of work getting her face and the upper half of her body to a good standard. Though I got to tell you her face is NOT  done and neither is her hair (im currently working on the dove wing nestled in there) and it has gone through some pretty funny changes.
I put together a small collage for you to show you the journey over the past few days.
jaw surgery, eye surgery, mouth surgery (still underway with that one) and the relaxing inclusion of hair and flowers
I added a large peony flower, lotus, tiger lily, and some unidentified purple flower ^^ next: pearls perhaps?
Shes been a long journey, and painting on the laminated plywood has been really smooth and nice, but still offers up some problems when blending stubborn acrylics.

Yesterday I saw the house where I will be showing my paintings over Easter and met the fellow artists who own it - it made me really excited but super nervous at the same time.
I have roughly 2 months to paint enough pictures for 3 walls, whilst working a full time job and having the kids about.
Its going to be stressful and never enough time in the day but I will try and light the fire under my butt and as Tim Gunn would say, "Make it work!!" hehehe

Hope everyones had a great weekend! :D


  1. Wow, this little lady is looking so beautiful, I love all the little details you've added in. I'll have to come back again for a visit to your lovely blog to see more of your work. <3

  2. hey erin!! thanks so much for your lovely comment *hugs* im so glad you stopped on over here :P ive followed your blog as youre art looks so whimsy and cute! love it! im sure ill be seeing you around :D

  3. Make it work, I have all faith that you can do it!

  4. lol!! youll be my tim gunn cat :P it shall be perfect ;)

  5. Wow that's a huge canvas! She's turning out beautifully, I love how you painted her chest (looks very real), and the tree in the background is fantastic. Can't wait to see it finished! :) Best of luck with your show!

  6. hey sasha! yeah its a pretty big board, i think it was once meant to be a shelf of some kind :P it measures around 65.5 x 43.5 cm, and should make a good feature piece at the show! thanks so much!
    fingers crossed for both our shows then haha ;)