Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Design! Puku the Owl

Wow well, its been awhile since I posted anything - my apologies. Its been a bit of a hectic week with getting Liam into a school, going to appointments and job hunting etc... But its weekend now, and Sketchfest! And also my 24th birthday tomorrow on Sunday ^^ hehe
I'd love to share with you all a new design I have crafted for my Zazzle shop, which got its first purchase today! This mousepad was purchased this afternoon making  a brilliant birthday suprise for me, I am so happy :D
Also Ive gotten great feedback from the recent "marketing test" Ive been doing on facebook, thanks so all who got involved and if YOU'D like to give me some feedback, please contact me anytime! Every little helps and goes towards my Free Giveaway I am planning for the future.

So! The new design: Puku the Owl - something Ive really wanted to do as I LOVE owls! Here are the items she is featured on as of yet!

Small sticker form, available in lots of sizes and 2 shapes, its a great close up view of this cute little owl I made and personally adore :P Im thinking itll look good on future necklaces too!

Here the full design comes to light on this iPad case design, with a tree full of small birds, lots of Pukus and pretty yellow stars!

And lastly the mousepad which is one of my personal cheery favorites of the bunch ^^
Thanks everyone for taking a look and hope you like the new design!
Currently in the terms of more "fine art" I am working on a realistic view of Bella, which can be seen on my Fb fan page - and watch this space for the free giveaway!
Your responses to the marketing test are what determines the giveaway piece so be vocal if you want a say so in what design it is :D

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    I hope you will have a lovely day!
    I love you new design! I think you should try to sell it on as a fabric as well!

    Have magic day!

  2. ooo thanks for the tip marianne! i see you have to buy a square of the fabric in order to sell it - have you done this? is shipping really expensive? have you sold anything on there? *overload of questions*

    im so glad you like the new design! ive always wanted to do an owl :D *cheer!*

  3. Yes I did buy some square fabrics. You need to do that because, you have to proof that you agree to the colors when they print your design. You will find the shipping information at

    I like the fabrics!

  4. I did sell a few yards, but I only had my Spoonflower shop for a few weeks!