Monday, September 19, 2011

Falls Rolling In

I know I have been just about awful with posting. Let me tell you its been a crazy few weeks!
I am attending Swedish school now at the local college, making friends with some very chatty Thai woman who feed me delicious food lol! Its alot of walking everyday, its alot of everything,
But I feel like I am trying really hard every class to learn more than what the teacher is saying to me. So we'll se.

Because of that my artwork has had to the take a small break. My free time always seemed to get eaten up by something else - but now that things have mellowed out a bit and my time management will be getting better (hopefully). When I've had 10 or so minutes of awake willing time Ive been working on a long standing digital painting, which I hope to enter into EMG magazine for their Steampunk issue next year ^^
Its ofc my steampunk lady Bella - but in a more realistic way.
Ill show you some current work in progress shots here:
working on general shading and sessing out a background

working on her face and continuously on her hair, also..her hand -_-

So thats that! Otherwise I'd love to make more basic prints for my Zazzle shop! Such as a Halloween themed category... and maybe other animals like Puku the Owl!
Now wheres some more time in a day - plus extra energy! :P
Hope everyones been well and are as excited about monday as me hehe ^^


  1. I like your digital art but would like to see more of your paintings. I really like the dancing cranes! - Rhonda

  2. thanks rhonda! unfortuantely at the time im trying to spend as little money as possible and fine art on canvas can be very expensive!
    id love to work on canveses more and keep saying i should but theres so much that needs to be replaced before i can properly i just need to wait out this economical storm for a few :P
    until then, digital art is free and easy for me! ^^