Wednesday, March 30, 2011

its bearings on cair paravel

today i started to really work on sorting out the text on my ghost in the shell painting for jim. i woke up and looked at it and thought GAAAHH how did i possibly leave it looking so ugly and defeated.

just look at that thing. i felt the weight of small paint brushes upon me.
i put a very nice elbow shaped dent in the middle of the canvas as a result, and have gotten distracted by every other piece of business that seems to come my way today.
on the upside i went out with liam to the cafe down the road and ate giant pieces of cake and almost pretended it was sunny hoping and being kid like watching for the train to go across the tracks :P

i have one really big and exciting thing to look forward to now: friday.
the day my big beautiful and amaziest of amazing gift arrives:

My WacomIntuos4 : Large

Just look at that bad boy. Nom nom nom nom, I will hate it I have no doubt for a good 2 weeks, creating artwork WORSE than my ghost in the shell text lol.
yes its possible -_-

For now I will explore tutorials, take a look at all my fancy programing patiently awaiting its arrival.
Oh and ofc paint those letters even more....
yeah wish me luck on all that .... :P


  1. ghost in the shell by itself looks like an awesome brand name/logo for a jeans company!

    that's so exciting you're getting WacomIntuos4! You'll create some amaaaazing stuff with it im sure!

  2. lol well the anime ghost in the shell is all about cyborgs, im sure we can work that into the jeans company somehow :P

    i knoooow - i am so so EXCITED - i made a deviantart page and am so jealous of all the digital art on there. its amazing.

    my turn!!!