Monday, August 6, 2012

As summer dwindles and time runs out

I know I have been a poor sport with my blog.
To be fair I have been swamped with painting for the new show - blah! But I am quickly running out of time before the opening and soon I will be in a brand new phase and hopefully back to being more active right here!

"Equilibrium" 40 x 100 cm acrylic on masonite by Christina Lank
I have been on vacation the last 2 weeks and have spent my time devoting mostly to this painting. It was bought in the sketch phase - so I knew I had to make it something very special!

Moth girl in Equilibrium by Christina Lank
I wanted to make a painting showing the dark and light sides to each of us. More and more I see, hear, feel how we have multiple sides, almost like personalities. Negative traits like selfish, obsessive, judgmental... but at the same time they are harsh you must always think they are actually bred out of the good traits in us as well.

Butterfly girl in Equilibrium by Christina Lank
Judgements can be made out of our good tastes, our good intentions, expecting others to think and act in your own positive ways. Selfish can be born out of your own self determination, focus and ambition...Obsessive is one trait which I have been slapped with which I also find to be a two sided thing. It all depends on where you focus it...

Me holding Equilibrium, you can see how big it is!
The point is it is an entanglement, like the hair you see in painting. We are all versions, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers to ourselves. It takes a long time to accept your other half...and even harder to change it.

But the sentiment painted here is there is always an Equilibrium between the two.

I am not going to be painting a forest scene :P I have my dear model friend Michelle helping me once more :O Who I am very excited about painting as she is my beautiful muse!
Now I must skuttle back to the daily grind  and hope wish promise, I will be able to gab on with you lot more in the future :D


  1. completely wonderful
    and powerful piece
    wishing you a great show!

  2. I love how your art evolves. I think this painting is one of your best! I can't wait to see the exhibition!