Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Painting with Plantie Tuesday! #9 - Background Forest

Hey everyone! Yay! I am so glad to be back :D
I have had the stomach flu since a week ago, and hadnt been painting or well. moving very much if I could help it :P
But it felt so good today to get back to painting on a new foresty canvas ^^
Today for Painting with Planties I wanted to show you quickly the first 2 layers that would go into a forest further into the background!

Hope you enjoy and let me know if you have any questions, tips or comments!

this was as far as i got during the fu- those were angry sick trees :P
Here we go! This painting will be another dark forest scene, like Rebirth, but with cooler tones to it. I started off with the gradiant light sources in the back, blending with glazing liquid straight on the masonite board.

i can never keep anything clean.
 For the background I mainly used my old acrylics - the standard Galeria ones. I made the mistake of using my nice Open colors on Waiting to Fly for the background and pretty much destroyed the white and blue tubes I had. Not going to happen again! :P
We have here - Hooker's Green, Cadmium Yellow, Titanium White, Prussian Blue Hue, Burnt Umber, Lamp Black, Payne's Grey (the only Golden Open color I used) and Cobalt Blue....

those are quite some tilty pine trees.

Since I can never draw or paint a straight line. This is what my furtherest away trees look like lol. I used the same colors for the lightest part of the gradiant and added some more blue and black for the color of the trees. Then I added a bit more and made darker trees on the outside.

no this is not straight black! Paynes Grey, Prussian Blue, and a little Lamp Black
I added then the darker trees, the ones that will appear to be closer to the viewer. This is after several attempts of trying to make them look not so gnobbly but I figured hey. Its nature. Itll always be perfectly flawed :3

fan brush ftw!
Now - its time to create foliage. And because I know otherwise I could be spent bent painting thousands of non-existant leaves, I use a fan brush and plop down the illusion of foliage in the distance. I use the same color as the dark trees, but also mixing it with a teeny tiny bit of white for some varying tones closer to the bottom.

the effect from afar

Adding only a few solid lines for branches, I fill in the whole area with foliage to create proper looking pine-esque trees in the distance!

zoomed in a bit
I also darkened the grass around the trees as it should be close to black but I am just working my nerve up to that now.
From here, I will add more gradual layers of trees with varying amounts of detail to them to create a sense of depth in this night forest scene.

Thanks everyone for stopping by!
Hope everyone has had a great Easter holiday weekend and are settling back into the work week ^^
Till then ~


  1. It's looking gorgeous Christina! I love the light trees behind the dark ones, it totally gives the illusion of a big forest. For foliage, I used really old beaten up brushes hehe! I can't wait to see your progress on this piece. <3 and I'm glad you're feeling better <3

    1. Beaten up old brushes always find a use at some point dont they?
      (ive even pawned some off on the kids, they are infinitely useful ;))
      Thanks Sasha! I look forward to seeing how it unfolds too. Backgrounds can be long and tedious for us painters sometimes I think - since we love creating the actual characters so much lol. But! So important at the same time.
      What are you currently working on btw? *hugs hugs*

    2. I really enjoy doing backgrounds haha! I love the idea of creating little worlds that don't exist anywhere but in my imagination (and the painting). I totally agree though, characters are still my favourite part of the process (specifically... the clothes! :P)

      Hmm.. what am I working on? Well you've inspired me to try my hand at painting again. So I'm working on something sorta more personal than my other work. I'm feeling inspired again. ^_^ Thank youuu *hugs*

    3. I think I saw a glimpse on it on your blog! I am at work right now, and would want to give that proper attention so I will be sure to have a good great about it when I am home *exciting!*

  2. I am glad you are feeling better, not fun to have a flu.

    love seeing the stages of this unfolding. I have so much to learn about layering and building a background. I guess that comes from not going to art school and stumbling around. I often begin with the focus of my art and then wonder about the scene they exist in.... oh well.

    this piece is looking dreamy wonderful.

    1. tammie - i didnt go to art school either - i learned alot about this about watching videos on youtube :P
      i have spent a long time focusing on the character or subject, and then the background and just dug myself into a hole too many times. I am trying to break old habits, and learn from the resources i have around me.

      so hey - we're learning together right ^^
      i only wish i had had enough money to go to college, but that wont stop me from learning as much as i can :D

      keep up your beautiful work <3

  3. love your night forest scene, this is looking good indeed!
    hey, glad to hear you're feeling better, have a nice weekend ok <3

    xxoo Mita

    1. you too Mita!!
      by the way, your print is on its way to you ^^ i have no idea how long it takes between sweden and indonesia, but it should arrive next week i am hoping!
      hope youre having a very wonderful and relaxing saturday :D xxxxxx