Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Inspiration Wednesdays : Christiane Vleugels!

Hey everyone! Today I'd like to share with you someone with monstronous talent.
Her name is  - Christiane Vleugels!!

Detail shot of "Hope", oil on canvas by Christiane Vleugels

I found Christiane through Deviantart, thinking at first I had stumbled upon a photograph...but through closer inspection I realized that these were in fact absolutely incredible oil paintings.

"Blue Lagune" oil on canvas by Christiane Vleugels
Detail shot of "Blue Lagune", by Christiane Vleugels
As a beginner to more realistic portraits finding her is an incredible inspiration to me. She works to precisely to create not only absolutely stunning paintings, but with her own imagination and her own fantasy interlocked within them.

"Pink" oil on canvas by Christiane Vleugels

Detail shot of "Pink" by Christiane Vleugels
The way she captures ever strand of hair, just look at the work on that cloth! Everything is superbly done to the highest standards. If I ever was to get a person to sit down and teach me "Right!! This is how you paint proper!" would be her.

"Luminous" oil on canvas by Christiane Vleugels

Detail shot of "Luminous" by Christiane Vleugels
Christiane is a true inspiration to me for her infallable note to lighting, realism, stunning proportions, imagination, technique and beauty. I think I have said, "I cant bare to look at these anymore!!" so many times while writing this post because she is SO good, its hard to watch :D

Christiane Vleugel with her WIP painting "Medusa"

Whats more is I think Christiane should have FAR more support than she does!
So please - check out her Facebook site and click the "Like" button! The Art of Christiane-Vleugels
Three cheers to Christiane! Thanks for being such an incredible inspiration!


  1. Wow, that's amazing! FB liked!

    1. LOL CAT now youre trying to sneak up on me!! :P I know right? Shes is amazing!!

    2. That's not exactly true. It wasn't Ponder who like the FB page, but ME. The bugger never logs out when he's done blogging *lol*

    3. the secrets out! i know youre moonlight name now :D theres no escaping!!

    4. Pffff, as if Ponder is a secret. After all he has been blogging for over a year now! *lmao*

    5. Yeah and hes obviously t-ed off since youve never bothered announcing his presence before ^^ you know how sensitive cats are!

    6. He turns up on both of my FB timelines, with his blog and pictures, too. You must have missed him. I hope you'll change that! *g*

    7. if it was right in my face *rolls eyes*

  2. Ssssh. He can read you and you know how cats think they are always in everyone's face! ;-)

  3. amazing artist! thank you for sharing her with us. I love the artists that catch your eye/heart!

    1. aww thanks tammie! its nice sharing other peoples work thats really inspiring ^^ she really is awesome isnt she :D