Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspiration Wednesdays : Annie Stegg

Hey everyone :) Today for Inspiration Wednesday I'd like share with you an acrylic artist I who inspires me greatly - Annie Stegg!

"Pearl Ryukin" by Annie Stegg
When I first discovered her paintings on deviantart I was just blown away someone could achieve such amazing depth, color, and smoothness with a traditional medium. I have fallen in love with all of her paintings!
"Hidden" by Annie Stegg
Though I havent worked up the courage to talk to her yet (:P) - I can tell you that the very old classical feeling to her paintings is something I personally aspire to try in the future. Theres something so porcelain doll, and almost dark in atmosphere in her work that leaves me breathless.

"Rejoice" by Anne Stegg
You know I love anything with birds, twigs, and flowers :O Almost like an old renaissance painter, there is a smooth oil-like effect to her work.
"Black Moor" by Annie Stegg
Annie Stegg is a traditional painter who uses mediums such as acrylics, oils, color pencils, and water colors. She resides in Georgia, U.S.A :)
You can visit her home website: and her Etsy shop: Annie Stegg Illustrations

Thanks Annie for inspiring all of us with your magnificent paintings! Keep up the great work, cant wait to see whats next! :D


  1. I absolutely love her work - never seen it till now :) thanks for sharing x

  2. @michelle - i know right? shes fantastic! ofc, i am happy to share ^^