Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Swan Work in Progress

Swan Girl work in progress on plywood
 Well its been a slow work in progress thats for sure :P I havent painted it since Friday where I got into a slight rage about my use of the color green and repainted all the grass and hills... You can sortve see the green it used to be from the closest lily pads by the girl herself.

I am not much of a landscape painter yet, I am taking it slow, one long step at a time so that I can make more dynamic expressive paintings in the end.
Its difficult here as this is a large and heavy piece of plywood I am painting on, and checking reference pics for guidance can be a challenge ;)
slow work on the willow tree, in a bit of a new style
Ive tried looking at artist Ive admire for some inspiration which helped make the tree (and thus spawned the green grass rage) and I will keep on working on the backgroun for quite some time I think before the poor Swan Girl gets any paint on her :(

Hope you like it to far, and please if you have any tips feel free to let me know!
I am open to new ideas! :D


  1. Really stunning work, can't wait to see this finished! I know it will be beautiful~

    // -T.W-

  2. aww thanks so much t.w!! your encouragement means alot - i will do my best :D!

  3. Hi Chrissy, I like it a lot so far - it's true it's a much more detailed background on this one. Challenging! I'm no painter - but how about a little bit more light/shadow in the greens of the tree, to bring out the depth of it a bit more? as you have done a great job of with the grass :)
    looking forward to seeing more progress!

  4. @ Alex - hey! thanks so much! i have done alot of work on it since these pics, which you can see on facebook - i have added multiple strands and texture on the willow tree so i think thats looking pretty good... wisteria flowers on the bridge and alot more lily pads :P check it out!hopefully youll like it hehe <3

    @cat yeah me too lol - have too much to do :P so little time ;)