Sunday, June 19, 2011

i will be dreaming of sleepy tulips for many a day

well we needed to spruce up the walls a bit and as by chance have it i have 5 mountain girl chibis lying about :P today i got the chance to hang them in the stair well so theyre colorfullness can add more to the house than decorating my book shelf hehe.
oh so very cheerful on a rainy day

i took a break from the foxy painting the last day and a half or so, getting mad and painting over the wind mill...turners (i cant believe i still havent looked up the proper name of those things)
so after my angry spew i let it be. this morning, as its sunday but not really sunday as its vacation time for the next 3 weeks i took it upon myself to lay about in my pjs and get to work on it - with a daunting task.
the field of tulips.
working ever so slowly. look a bunny!!
 i started off small, then just got bigger and bigger - which even though sounds simple enough still took me hours, and i wasnt completely sure itd be convincing in the end
still want to pet the bunny dont you

this is how the painting looks right now sitting next to me, but by the end of the night or whenever i feel like stopping it should be looking much more flushed out. right now im working on the large tulips shading and coloring - then its the leaves...then its fixing everything else i dont approve of :P
then completetion!!
not so much longer hmm??


  1. god that's a lot of tulips! Good job on that! :P

  2. hahah thanks sandra :P i was up till 1 am last night finishing off all of the leaves *gaah*
    i think. i owned them though!

  3. OMG! That's amazing! I had no idea that you were going to add that many flowers to it. Eeeeee! This made my day. =D

    Also, I'm going to e-mail you the code for your blog tonight after work is over. Just going to make a small linky button and a signature button for your posts first.

  4. yay! i am so glad you like it, it looks alot better now then it did when i took those photos. theres plenty of leaves, all the shadings done, ive enchanced the shading on your character etc..

    i havent had as much time to paint today, been frying my brain cells with bathroom cleaner (dont ask) but this evening i should hopefully make the final push and be done.

    cant wait to see the blog complete :O i am thrilllleeeed...this ugly ol blue thing can go kick the bucket now
    cant wait to hear from you and hope youre well ^^